Must-do Back to School Organization Tip for Busy Teachers

Saturday, July 25, 2020
Back to school time can be overwhelming for even the most experienced teachers.  Staying organized is a great way to relieve stress and feel confident about going back to school.   Back to school organization is critical to set the stage for the school year, especially for busy teachers.  Save yourself time and energy with this time-saving must-do Back to Schoool organization tip!

The best thing I ever did to improve my back to school organization, was to create student information cards.  These cards keep important student information all in one place (not online) to make life easier.  I always had parents fill the cards out at Kindergarten Orientation or Back to School Night and I kept them on a ring beside my desk for easy access.  I color-coded the cards by class to keep things visually organized, too.  

Organize important student information with these easy-to-use, editable student information cards today!

What is a Sound Wall and How Can It Be Used in a Kindergarten Classroom?

Thursday, July 23, 2020
Maybe you've heard about a sound wall from your literacy specialist or while browsing a Facebook page.  And you've seen other teachers making the switch from a traditional word wall to a sound wall but you aren't entirely sure why or where to start.  Maybe you're still wondering what is a sound wall?  Then this post is for you.  Here you'll learn some of the basics of what a sound wall is and why you should use it in your kindergarten classroom.  

Learn all about what a sound wall is and how to use a sound wall in the primary classroom.

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