Kindergarten Registration Ideas Using Station Rotations to Get to Know New Students

Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Kindergarten registration is an ever-evolving process for many schools.   Administrators and teachers much strike a delicate balance between welcoming new students and their families and getting the assessment data they need to plan for classes and how to best meet the needs of the incoming kids.  When you are preparing, it can be difficult to brainstorm kindergarten registration ideas.  Setting up station rotations is a great way to set up and host a successful and positive Kindergarten Registration experience for everyone. 

Learn about some fun and successful kindergarten registration ideas using a station rotation model to get to know your incoming students.

How A Simple Note Can Improve Student Behavior in the Classroom

Sunday, June 7, 2020
Classroom management is the most challenging part of teaching.  One simple note with a behavior checklist can improve student behavior in your classroom overnight.  Seriously.  The secret to good classroom management is in the relationships you build with your students and their parents.  You can show students and their families that you care by focusing on the positive things happening in your classroom by sending positive behavior notes home to parents.  Sending home positive notes is an easy way to show that you like your students and want them to be successful. 

Learn how sending positive behavior notes home to parents can improve your student's behavior in the classroom.

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